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Who are Folio Typographics?

We are a small (but perfectly formed!) design agency and we get to indulge our passion for typographic design every working day.

What is typographic design we hear you cry!!??
Typographic design is all about fonts and layout; typefaces, grid structures, heirarchy, balance, spacing and much more.
In short, it's about attention to detail within documents and creating designs that aren't just appealing to the eye, but actually get the message across to the target audience in a clear and understandable format. Every document needs typographic, the bigger the document the more important a good structure is, which is why we are so good at creating longer publications and catalogue designs.

Vanessa Bowerman Art Director

As the founder of Folio, I have over 20 years experience in design and marketing and have been running Folio for 12 years. I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Art, Design & Media specialising in Typographic Design and while at University also gained a Licentiate to the Society of Typographic Designers (iSTD). What's important to me is building a clear and consistent brand for our clients, no matter how small a business may be, they still deserve a big brand, the devil really is in the detail and brand is about consistent details throughout your marketing material. However, my favourite job is getting my teeth into the really big publications and catalogues, have a look at our portfolio of work to see some of the large projects we've delivered.


As a small design agency, flexibility is one of our strengths:

  • you can use us for ad-hoc projects OR
  • use us on a retained basis to look after all of your graphic design work;
  • you can issue us strict guidelines to follow OR
  • ask us to start from scratch with our own visual concepts;
  • you can ask us to work in-house at your premises OR
  • from our dedicated studio in Penarth, on the outskirts of Cardiff, South Wales.

With full literacy in industry standard programs, such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and QuarkXPress, on both Mac & PC, the  Folio team are more than able to take care of your graphic design needs.

Take a look at the services that we offer and our portfolio pages to see examples of our work. We hope you like what you see and approach us for a no cost, no obligation quote.

Call us on 029 2000 3837 if you have any questions or simply feel like talking about design further.

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